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Milton Holloway Dances Toward a Degree

Milton Holloway used to dance around his mother’s kitchen, full of Gospel music. Now, he’s pursuing a career in ballet and debating which college scholarship will best serve his future.

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Milton Holloway – Discovery of a Dancer

To seize an opportunity and take an active role in shaping your future is truly a gift. Not to mention a lot of hard work.

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aaconnphoto Stop Motion Photoshoot

It’s hard to imagine the amount of light it takes to create this type of work, but you get a real sense of the intensity in this video.

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Cincinnati Ballet’s 2017-2018 season photo shoot

I was excited to document the process and create this behind the scenes promotional video for Cincinnati Ballet’s 2017-2018 season.

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On Tour with Cincinnati Ballet

Filming inside the Kennedy Center was an honor, to say the least. It’s something I’ll never forget. But my favorite day was when everyone went to visit memorials all around D.C.

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Recreating the Classic Rainbow Legs Poster

Some things are just classic, like the Rainbow Legs image created by Cincinnati Ballet.

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Character Profile – Drosselmeyer

Seeing all of the work stagehands put into making one character fly really gives audiences more appreciation for the skills and dedication of everyone involved in a production.

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