Milton Holloway Dances Toward a Degree

August 28, 2018

To discover a life’s passion at just eight years old is rare. To have the natural talent to pursue your dream is a privilege. But to seize an opportunity and take an active role in shaping your future is truly a gift. Not to mention a lot of hard work.

Milton Holloway used to dance around his mother’s kitchen, full of Gospel music. Now, he’s pursuing a career in ballet and debating which college scholarship will best serve his future.

“I would love to, one day, dance in a professional company while having a degree,” he says, a smile creeping across his face, “saying ‘Yeah, I did this, but I’m also doing this as well.'”

That forward thinking mentality defines Milton, along with his ability to thrive in duality. Like many young male dancers, he dealt with rejection early on from his peers. He struggled to balance homework and dance classes. His gender and race amplified his differences in the world of classical ballet. None of it rattled him.

Instead, he pushed himself. He worked harder, looked for inspiration in the dancers who’d come before him, spent every extra minute in the studio and after 10 years it all paid off.

Milton Holloway’s story is not over, his career is just beginning. I’m truly proud to present the first chapter of his life, filmed on location at the Cincinnati Ballet studios, The Aronoff Center for the Arts and DePaul Cristo Rey High School.

To see more about Milton, and how Cincinnati Ballet helped him discover his talent, watch the companion piece to this video: Milton Holloway – Discovery of a Dancer.

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