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Milton Holloway Dances Toward a Degree

Milton Holloway used to dance around his mother’s kitchen, full of Gospel music. Now, he’s pursuing a career in ballet and debating which college scholarship will best serve his future.

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Milton Holloway – Discovery of a Dancer

To seize an opportunity and take an active role in shaping your future is truly a gift. Not to mention a lot of hard work.

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The Emmy Goes To…

Cervilio’s story is a triumphant one; leaving his family behind to defect from Cuba and pursue a ballet career in the US was not an easy choice, but he discovered a new sense of freedom.

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The Process of Five Dot Design

Tiny details, depth of focus and slow motion capture the beautiful simplicity of an artist putting hand to tool.

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Medical Office Testimonial Video

Creating separate, standalone videos from testimonials meant for larger pieces is a great way to stretch more content from the same budget.

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Medical Office Commercial Video

Fifteen iterations of this script were created with various calls to action and service descriptions to cover all aspects of the medical practice.

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aaconnphoto Stop Motion Photoshoot

It’s hard to imagine the amount of light it takes to create this type of work, but you get a real sense of the intensity in this video.

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First Look: Intermedio Blends Light and Sound

A full video is coming soon, but as I uploaded the footage I couldn’t help but tease a sneak peek.

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Show Reel 2018

Some favorite moments from recent AHP history

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