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Medical Office Testimonial Video

Creating separate, standalone videos from testimonials meant for larger pieces is a great way to stretch more content from the same budget.

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Medical Office Commercial Video

Fifteen iterations of this script were created with various calls to action and service descriptions to cover all aspects of the medical practice.

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World Ballet Day 2015

Dancers James Gilmer and Christina LaForgia-Morse take to the streets of Cincinnati to perform Gabriel Gaffney Smith’s “Untitled.”

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‘Untitled’ Throughout Cincinnati Streets

Dancers James Gilmer and Tina Laforgia-Morse put on a spectacular performance over and over and over again as we brought ballet into the beautiful and gritty parts of the city.

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Cincinnati Ballet’s 2015-2016 Photo Shoot

For Cincinnati Ballet’s 2015-2016 season announcement, I created this promotional video centered around the photoshoot for the season imagery.

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