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T Rex Featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

The ballet dancing T Rex continues to be a super star, this time making a debut on HBO.

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T Rex Dancing Ballet

Definitely the most viral piece of content I’ve created to date, it’s also probably the most fun I’ve had making a video. Hopefully there’s a correlation there. 

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Brave Little Bees POV

To get a sense of how much commitment it takes to play this role, I strapped a GoPro onto one of the young dancers to see just how high they fly.

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‘Untitled’ Throughout Cincinnati Streets

Dancers James Gilmer and Tina Laforgia-Morse put on a spectacular performance over and over and over again as we brought ballet into the beautiful and gritty parts of the city.

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Out Takes 2015-2016 Photo Shoot

Ballet dancers are almost always having a great time in my experience, so during this photoshoot I captured enough funny, lighthearted moments to make an out take reel.

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