aaconnphoto Stop Motion Photoshoot

March 15, 2018

Aaron M Conway is a one of Cincinnati’s finest editorial, advertising and portrait photographers. He’s responsible for the stunning promotional photography fueling every Cincinnati Ballet season in recent memory, along with taking countless other brands to the next level visually.

When he brought me in to document their next big collaboration, an ambitious stop motion photography project capturing ballet sequences rather than just focusing on one culminating moment, I was excited to film this behind-the-scenes footage. It’s hard to imagine the amount of light it takes to create this type of work, but you get a real sense of the intensity in this video. I was seeing spots for days, but it was well worth it.

For this project he brought in Profoto’s new line of Pro10s and D2s to capture amazingly crips shots so close together that they could be turned into animations or used individually as advertising stills. You can get more info on the technical side from his blog. Brand-Y-Design and the Cincinnati Ballet team took it from there, building out a unique and intriguing showpiece for the upcoming season of ballet.

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