Documentary Filmmaking

Lowe’s Assists in Tornado Aftermath

CEO Spotlight and Origin Story

International News Segment

Pulitzer Winning Enquirer Staff Interview

Milton Holloway Dances Toward a Degree

Travis Wall Interview

Documentary Films

with aHumanPerson Productions
Authenticity resonates with audiences, whether you're recounting a personal tale of trial or triumph, showing the team doing what they do best, or taking a deep dive on one topic. Documentary films capture real moments to craft meaningful stories. aHumanPerson Productions thrives in documentary style videos where people drive the plot.
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Documentary Video Services
Documentary videos can cover a wide range of topics. A day in the life shows what it takes to get the job done, behind the scenes videos show audiences what they've never seen before and sharing the inspiration behind your art gives viewers an insider feel. Narrative Documentaries Corporate Documentary Filmmaking Artist Profile videos Inspiration/Motivation videos Journalistic Storytelling
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