CEO Spotlight and Origin Story

Every so often you meet a truly inspiring person, and it’s a fantastic feeling when your work can help spread their message. Rosemary is one of those people, and producing the profile video for the annual Gala benefitting Rosemary’s Babies Co. was one of those projects.

Being able to capture these moments and craft this family’s story was a heartwarming challenge. Here, you can glimpse the power of communication and love to overcome life’s heavy burdens.

AHP believes whole-heartedly in that idea, and was proud to choose Rosemary’s Babies Co. as the non-profit partner of 2019. Each year aHumanPerson Productions donates video services to an outstanding organization that betters our community.

Documentary, Profile Video

Rosemary’s Babies Company

Absolutely beautiful. I chose the right person to tell our story.

Client Feedback

Production Details

On Location 2 Half Day Shoots 3 Cameras 4k Recording Audio Recording Video Editing Audio Editing Music Licensing

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