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Hot Yoga Instructor Highlight

NAAM interviews Retailer on COVID-19 Procedures

Doctor Interviews

Transportation Technology Testimonial

Social Media Fashion Ads

Patient and Doctor Testimonial

Medical Office Commercial

Fortune 500 Recruitment Video

Lowe’s Assists in Tornado Aftermath

Billboard Features – Aerial Video

Corporate Software Case Study

Kithen and Bath TV commercials

CEO Spotlight and Origin Story

Mother’s Day Shopping with the Dog

International News Segment

Grant Application Fundraising Video

User Generated Videos – Climate Change reporting

Retail Grand Opening Television Commercial

Food Fight 513

Pulitzer Winning Enquirer Staff Interview

Magazine Animation Video

Cincinnati Ballet 2019-2020 Photoshoot

Educational Theater Association Instagram Animation

Smashing Windows with Social Media Influencer

Givaudan North American Operations

Baseball Tournament

Peter Pan Motion Graphics Trailer

Milton Holloway Dances Toward a Degree

The Process of Five Dot Design

Medical Office Commercial Video

aaconnphoto Stop Motion Photoshoot

The LB at Rookwood: Mind, Move, Muscle

Travis Wall Interview

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa Interview

Southwest Ohio Philharmonic Introduction

Cincinnati Ballet Identity Launch

Cincinnati Ballet’s 2017-2018 season photo shoot

Choreographing Confidence Workshop

Loss Inspires Art in Karass

Artists Collaborate for Never.Nest

Dancers take on Ohad Naharin’s Minus 16

Camelot in the Real World

Grungy Video Montage Promo

Ballerina Boss Spotlight

Jack Barlow Breaking Ballet Boundaries

Kennedy Center Tour Video Series

Prohibition Condition

Community Programming Annual Recap

Recreating the Classic Rainbow Legs Poster

CincyDance! In Washington Park

Live Performance Slow Motion

Save Our Scene + Warped Tour

Cincinnati Ballet 2016-2017 Photoshoot

Toybox Animation

T Rex Dancing Ballet

Inside Cinderella’s Wardrobe

Brave Little Bees

‘Untitled’ in Cincinnati

Stand Up Ohio

Cincinnati Ballet’s 2015-2016 Photo Shoot

Alice in Wonderland Trailer

Character Profile – Drosselmeyer

Take Back the Night

A Voice for the Innocent Faces Promo