Destruction Works – Quick Case Study

Smashing windows with a baseball bat was a new experience for automotive junkie Matt Maran, of YouTube’s popular Matt Maran Motoring channel, presumably because the guy loves cars so much he would never intentionally hurt one.

It was also a new challenge for aHumanPerson Productions. Lights are a videographer’s best friend, but light in the wrong places can be a distracting annoyance. With glass and metal reflecting every which way, we had to build our set inside Saint-Gobain Sekurit’s Detroit office carefully to light the glass products and enhance the different ways in which glass shatters without causing glare spots on the glass itself. But afterward we got to break things so the hard work was worth it.

Released a little less than one month ago, this video has already garnered 239,000+ views on Matt’s channel with 130 comments and 597 thumbs up ratings. Not only did bringing on a social influencer help Saint-Gobain Sekurit get their message to a new audience, but the collaboration made waves in Matt’s audience with fans directly commenting on the production value.

Awesome video and editing style!

Super cool video! The production value for smashing glass is fantastic

Wow, a nice change of pace for a video.. nice work

Congratulations to the team that made this project possible: Saint-Gobain Sekurit, HireInfluence & Matt Maran Motoring. Filmed and edited by aHumanPerson Productions with Assistance from Adam L. Lawrence.

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