Cincinnati Ballet Identity Launch

To unveil the new brand identity for Cincinnati Ballet it only made sense to bring dancing to the forefront. Despite the organization’s constant innovation, their logo hadn’t changed in decades. Since the new look was a long overdue departure, my goal was to create a surprising reveal. Accentuating the creative process, the canvas turns from a blank slate to a hand crafted work of art.

Commercial Videography

Cincinnati Ballet

LOVE this…LOVE !!!

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Production Details

Studio Setting Full Day Shoot Conceptualization Talent Acquisition Staging Multi Camera Full HD recording Video Editing Slow Motion Camera Dolly Music Licensing

Extra Content

Repurposing videos is an easy, effective way to get the most from your investment. Plus, it’s an opportunity to show each different social network some love. Users can tell when you’re putting in extra effort to make their favorite network unique. This project was cut down to provide a teaser on Instagram, helping to build excitement and drive traffic to the Client website during the rollout.

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